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Hello! My name is Alina Sluchinskaya.

This is my personal site. Here I will exhibit my paintings and write my thoughts.

After graduating from the city school of fine arts I am for a very long time did not draw, since a lot of free time was spent on the upbringing of three children. But this reason was not the main one.

The main thing was that I did not believe in myself, I did not believe that my paintings would really like someone and would bring some emotions. I long suppressed my desire to draw. But it still spilled out.

And when my husband saw my first still life, he said that I must draw. After that he persuaded to draw a portrait of our friends on the occasion of their wedding day. I heard sincere thanks from them, saw the guests enthusiastic views about my gift and understood that my work can evoke emotions.After that I tried to draw a sea landscape as a gift to other friends. They said: "Wow, it's very cool! Be sure to continue painting." Thus, my husband, who always believes and supports me, my friends and acquaintances persuaded me to paint, and I returned to painting.



Robert Motherwell Biography

Robert Motherwell Biography

Alina    2019-02-08 17:05:00    painters biographies   

Writer, Academic, Painter (1915–1991)

Robert Motherwell was an American painter best known for being an influential force in the abstract expressionism movement of the 1940s.


Robert Motherwell was the youngest and possibly most influential of a group of artists that included Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning. The group renounced the prevalent American style of the 1940s for abstract expressionism. Motherwell also contributed to art journals and his writings are considered a source for those who want to learn more about non-representational art.

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Hans Holbein, the Younger Biography

Hans Holbein, the Younger Biography

Alina    2019-02-07 17:05:00    painters biographies   

Painter (c. 1497–c. 1543)

One of the greatest portraitists of all time, Hans Holbein, the Younger is known for his depictions of Henry VIII.


Hans Holbein, the Younger is known for the compelling realism of his portraits, the most notable of which depict the royal court of Henry VIII. During his life he produced over 150 life-sized and miniature portraits of royalty and nobility.

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Diego Velázquez Biography

Diego Velázquez Biography

Alina    2019-02-06 14:51:51    painters biographies   

Painter (c. 1599–1660)

Diego Velázquez was a 17th century Spanish painter who produced "Las Meninas" and many renowned portraits as a member of King Philip IV's royal court.


Spanish painter Diego Velázquez was born circa June 6, 1599, in Seville, Spain. Although his early paintings were religious-themed, he became renowned for his realistic, complex portraits as a member of King Philip IV's court. In his later years, the Spanish master produced a renowned portrait of Pope Innocent X and the famed "Las Meninas." He died on August 6, 1660, in Madrid.

Early Years and Development

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez was born in Seville, Spain, circa June 6, 1599. At the age of 11, he began a six-year apprenticeship with local painter Francisco Pacheco. Velázquez's early works were of the traditional religious themes favored by his master, but he also became influenced by the naturalism of Italian painter Caravaggio.

Velázquez set up his own studio after completing his apprenticeship in 1617. A year later, he married Pacheco's daughter, Juana. By 1621, the couple had two daughters.

Royal Patronage

In 1622, Velázquez moved to Madrid, where, thanks to his father-in-law's connections, he earned the chance to paint a portrait of the powerful Count-Duke of Olivares. The count-duke then recommended Velázquez's services to King Philip IV; upon seeing a completed portrait, the young king of Spain decided that no one else would paint him and appointed Velázquez one of his court painters.

The move to the royal court gave Velázquez access to a vast collection of works and brought him into contact with important artists such as Flemish baroque master Peter Paul Reubens, who spent six months at the court in 1628. Among Velázquez's notable works from that period were "The Triumph of Bacchus," in which a group of revelers falls under the powerful spell of the Greek god of wine.

Velázquez traveled to Italy from June 1629 to January 1631, where he was influenced by the region's great artists. After returning to Madrid, he began a series of portraits that featured members of the royal family on horseback. Velázquez also devoted time to painting the dwarves who served in King Philip's court, taking care to depict them as complex, intelligent beings. Along with his painting duties, Velázquez undertook increasing responsibilities within the court, ranging from wardrobe assistant to superintendent of palace works.

Velázquez made a second trip to Italy from 1649 to 1651. During this time, he was given the opportunity to paint Pope Innocent X, producing a work that is considered among the finest portraits ever rendered. Velázquez also produced a portrait of his servant, Juan de Pareja, which is admired for its striking realism, and the "Venus Rokeby," his only surviving female nude.

Later Years

Velázquez returned to his portraiture after rejoining the Madrid court, his technique more assured than ever. In 1656, he produced perhaps his most acclaimed work, "Las Meninas." In this snapshot-like painting, two handmaidens dote on future empress Margarita Theresa while Velázquez peers from behind a large easel, ostensibly studying the king and queen, though his gaze meets the viewer's.

In 1658, Velázquez was made a knight of Santiago. After being tasked with decoration responsibilities for the wedding of Maria Theresa and Louis XIV, Velázquez became ill. He died in Madrid on August 6, 1660.

Velázquez is remembered as one of the great masters of Western art. Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are among the artists who considered him a strong influence, while French Impressionist Édouard Manet described the Spanish great as "the painter of painters."

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Alina Sluchinskaya, 41100 Shostka, Sumy region, Ukraine
Website: www.alina-arts-gallery.com
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