About me

Painter Alina Sluchinskaya

Hello! My name is Alina Sluchinskaya.

This is my personal site. Here I will exhibit my paintings and write my thoughts.

After graduating from the city school of fine arts I am for a very long time did not draw, since a lot of free time was spent on the upbringing of three children. But this reason was not the main one.

The main thing was that I did not believe in myself, I did not believe that my paintings would really like someone and would bring some emotions. I long suppressed my desire to draw. But it still spilled out.

And when my husband saw my first still life, he said that I must draw. After that he persuaded to draw a portrait of our friends on the occasion of their wedding day. I heard sincere thanks from them, saw the guests enthusiastic views about my gift and understood that my work can evoke emotions. After that I tried to draw a sea landscape as a gift to other friends. They said: "Wow, it's very cool! Be sure to continue painting." Thus, my husband, who always believes and supports me, my friends and acquaintances persuaded me to paint, and I returned to painting.

Now I live in a small town Shostka in the north-east of Ukraine. There are reasons why I can not go out and participate in exhibitions, so the only way to express myself - is this site. Undoubtedly no modern photography will convey real sensations from viewing the paintings live, but still the overall impression you can get. Basically I write seascapes or still lifes in the style of realism and classicism.

Each my work is a big emotional job. The idea of any paintings is born in the form of a fleeting flash and lights a little flame in me. This can happen at a time when I am experiencing certain events of my life, I admire the landscape, I view photo or other people's paintings, and sometimes even come in my dreams. Further this idea does not give me rest, I think through imagery a thousand times, I mentally draw all the details, all the while thinking only about this. And then when a small flame develops into a huge flame, I sit down at the easel and my hands themselves paint what has accumulated in my soul. It can happen suddenly, at any time of the day, this is not a transmitted feeling. But also suddenly it disappears. And I again mentally paint in anticipation of another such moment. This is how my works are born. So may take several months to create some works.

All my paintings are painted with professional oil paints, mainly using the technique of glazing, with the drawing of the smallest features of objects and the overlay of several layers of paint, resulting in a contrast that creates the depth, volume and impression of the real image. My work evokes memories, creates the illusion of the atmosphere and breathing of life, makes you dream and fantasize.

No doubt, my paintings will perfectly fit into any interior and will bring a lot of positive emotions to you, and to your friends and family. I hope you like them as much as I do, because in each of them I invest a part of my soul!

Often go to my site, subscribe to news and pages on social networks, write reviews and comments! All this will inspire me more to write new works! Have fun to buying my paintings!


Alina Sluchinskaya, 41100 Shostka, Sumy region, Ukraine
Website: www.alina-arts-gallery.com
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